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I am very interested in using computer vision to monitor bat behaviour in historic buildings (especially churches). Last summer Dr. Kofi Appiah and I spent an evening with Ian Nixon of the Lincolnshire Bat Conservation Group filming bats in the Holy Trinity Collegiate Church in Tattershall. The church hosts around 600 individuals, or varying species (Pipistrelles and Daubenton’s)

The following videos were filmed using a PointGrey FireflyMV Camera (640×480, Black and White), with IR illumination, and show the results of applying basic background subtraction and tracking alogorithms.

This work is being developed by John Attanbori, who started his PhD in the School of Computer Science at the end of 2011. I am currently working with Professor Belinda Colston (Heritage Science), Dr. Paul Eady (Biology), and The Lincolnshire Bat Conservation Group (Dave Hughes and Ian Nixon) on developing a proposal to use this technology to investigate changes in flight behaviour in response to enviromental factors.

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