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Having spent several years working as a games programmer, I am interested in games related research: particularly games AI and the application of machine learning techniques. Current projects include Olivier Szymanezyk’s PhD work on group emotion and crowd simulation, James Munro’s MSc by Research work on multi-core game server metrics, and Tom Feltwell’s investigation of game play metrics.

I am also helping to organise the new School of Computer Science “Games Research Group”:

Representative publications (available on eprints):

O. Szymanezyk, P. Dickinson, T. Duckett, From Individual Characters to Large Crowds: Augmenting the Believability of Open-World Games through Exploring Social Emotion in Pedestrian Groups. 5th Digital Games Research Association Conference (DIGRA), September 2011, Utrecht.

O. Szymanezyk, P. Dickinson, T. Duckett, Towards Agent-based Crowd Simulation in Airports using Games Technology. Proceedings of the 5th International KES Conference on Agents and Multi-agent Systems – Technologies and Applications. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), volume 6682, June 2011, Manchester, UK. (Winner, Best Student Paper).

J. Munro and P. Dickinson, Real-time load balancing in an interactive multiplayer game server, GAMEON, Leicester, UK, November 2010.

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