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Hgh Speed Bat Video

Hgh Speed Bat Video

This excellent slow-motion video was made by Peter Cowling of the Lincolnshire Bat Group.

He used the modified Casio Exilim at 240 frames/sec. The bat is a Pipistrelle which Peter is nursing back to health.

OpenCV: Calibrating Two Cameras

After much messing about this weekend, the first step to stereo vision: a calibrated left-right camera pair, and corresponding rectifed¬† images…

…nearly there?

OpenCV: Calibrating a Single Camera

As a precursor to stereo calibration, I have been playing with the single camera calibration functions in OpenCV. The following images were taken with a FireflyMV camera, and a Tamron 2.8mm lens – lots of distortion. The remaping function was calculated using about 20 calibration images:

Pretty impressive… stereo next.

More Bat Videos

More Bat Videos

I just wanted to post these videos, made by John Atanbori. They are not drastically different from the last ones, but John has rebuilt them from scratch, and they show what he has been working on: background subtraction, and tracking with/without prediction… John is now investigating the use of filters to improve prediction.

Visit to Bristol University

Belinda Colston and myself travelled up to Bristol this week to meet with Professor Gareth Jones in the School of Biology. Gareth and his team are working on a DEFRA project to investigate the use and affects of bat determents in churches in Norfolk. It looks like we will have the opprotunity to collaborate with them over over the summer…great news!